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We don't use wood like other garden room or garden seomra suppliers-it rots and is not made for the Irish climate! Trust us we dismantle rotten wooden garden rooms every day and replace them with our unique Zero Maintenance 25 year guaranteed superior garden rooms-that's why we have a garden room every 10 minutes in London already!

If you don't look after it, even the most expensive wood will change it's look. Cedar is mistakenly quoted as zero maintenance (as is pressure treated timber) It's zero maintenance as long as your happy with it going from it's initial pretty appearance to a silver grey - 

"Cedar does not weather uniformly and is likely to develop a dark, blotchy, grey appearance."

Real Cedar Organisation USA.

There's a “How To Finish Western Red Cedar” Guide which is available on the internet if you click here. 
It is a report from the “Real Cedar” organisation in the USA. 

It quotes…“It is important to understand that the choice not to apply a finish to your cedar product has long term implications... "

This choice requires advance consideration before you allow natural weathering to begin. (If it is not treated straight away, then it is a far bigger job at a later date)  and continues… 

"As Western Red Cedar weathers, it will lose its natural colour and become grey, and because of varying moisture and sun conditions, it does not weather uniformly and is likely to develop a dark, blotchy, grey appearance.” (see photo of a building clad in cedar above) 

 It also says… 

“You may not want to treat the cedar if you have a concern about the environmental impact of applying a finish on the Western Red Cedar" 

So...If you want to maintain the "look" then you have to treat it with chemicals - according to the Real Cedar organisation in the USA. 

Lack of maintenance of cedar has long term implications, and the initial appealing look of a garden studio cloaked in cedar, simply will not be maintained without treatment.  

This is why we developed the quarter century pod - 25 years of no pollution from extremely strong chemicals and paints to maintain the look of your garden room.  

 As you can see in the photos, the timber does inevitably start to look shabby. 

We stopped supplying timber garden studios in January 2012 for this reason and any supplier selling pressure treated timber will have exactly the same problems - so why give yourself the hassle?  
You can have a truly zero maintenance Garden Room/Pod  for a very similar price that doesn't pollute the planet with yet more chemicals and saves you a weekend doing the job. 




From This..

To This..

To this 10 Years on..

The 9' x 9' R1 below will look like this for many many years with no painting or staining with strong polluting chemicals... 

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