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Our pricing really depends on size and specification. We have three models: 

QCB: Quarter  Century Building

These start at 8*ft by 8ft going up to 8 ft by 24ft. Pricing ranges from €18,000+.

  • Professional quality cube garden office without the frills.

  • Truly zero maintenance exterior with 25 yr guarantee 


The UK and Ireland's biggest selling garden room with all the bells and whistle options, Luxury Specification.

  • Truly zero maintenance exterior with 25 year guarantee. 

  • Sizing starts at 6*6 ft going up to 12ft x 33ft.

  • Pricing starts at €18,000 up to about €60,000. 

L-Shape living Annex-double bedroom, kitchen, living room, shower and toilet as standard.

Extras include:  
Security and monitoring provided by 24-7 Security 
Home office equipment provided by eureika

Landscaping around the Pod provided by professional landscaping team  Grasshopper Services and Interior design consultations available upon request.




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