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Kara is an experienced Economist and Project Manager within the construction and modular building industry, with an Honours Master’s Degree M.A. (HONS) in Economics BA. (HONS) in Economics and Sociology along with a first class Honours Postgraduate qualification in Education from University College Dublin.


Her experience spans the Investment banking, energy, and education sectors.  She has spent many years lecturing in Business Management and Project Management.  


Kara is passionate about creating social change and solutions to housing, education, and remote working opportunities. Focus on fast, quality, modular solutions is key to Irelands adaption to the future workforce and population needs. Kara is seeking to see flexible socio-economic changes for all employees through smart working in Pod Office Solutions and creating extra living space with Pod Living Solutions.


Head of Design and Engineering 

Alex, Head designer and Engineer  is obsessed with garden room and garden office design to the point we were given a "Smarta" Award where Deborah Meaden was a judge, for being the most innovative company in the garden room and garden office industry.


Alex works for the people and always looks for full customer satisfaction upon each job completion.

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