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Garden Room Ireland offers a complete range of services from design, planning delivery and installation.  All office layouts and interiors can also be designed to meet your needs.

The affordable option for young working couples. 
Remote working allows homes to be purchased in more affordable areas.


The ideal solution for health boards as it offers extra units for GP services, occupational and physiotherapists.

Benefits Employer

  • Virtual assistant and cloud meeting capabilities in-built

  • Secure-24-7 monitoring provided-data and equipment kept safe

  • Create more space around your office, canteens, gyms, treatment rooms, teambuilding rooms, accommodation , the possibilities are endless!

  • Save costs on employees

  • Save premises rental cost

  • Create more productive teams that are enabled and creative in their own space-space planning service available

  • Write off as capital cost-accelerated capital allowance –our PODS are energy efficient equipment!

  • Secure data and encryption provided


Benefits Employee

  • Enhance your business image 

  • Save money on travel and parking costs

  • Create your perfect work-life balance

  • Improve your productivity

  • Better mental health

  • Qualify for e-worker state allowances

  • Allows more free time to devote to other activities

  • Autonomy 

  • Be there for your family!

Productivity increases in employees and  associated health benefits of work-life balances can be realised, reducing costs on HSE.

Employees can remain in commuter towns and still hold positions with companies based in large commercial hubs such as Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast

Housing crisis in Dublin is alleviated as employees can remain in any town or city across Ireland . Housing is more affordable outside of Dublin for example. 

Reduction in carbon foot print, decreases pollution and alleviates certain contributions to climate change .

Employee retention levels higher as staff are motivated and happier to work from home. Brain drain to other more affordable countries reduced

Transport issues in large towns/cities is alleviated as less cars on the roads, saving public expenditure on public transport and associated costs to other systems.

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